Are you worried of online job scams? Ways to avoid online job scams

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Online job scams have become very common these days because of the increasing unemployment rate and also due to vast usage of the internet. Scammers try to attract the job seekers who are desperately looking for jobs by giving duplicate employment offers.

online job scams

Many job seekers become victims of this job scam become it becomes very difficult for a person to differentiate between which is real and which is scam. Scammers are getting more sophisticated and coming up with new ways to take advantage of job seekers all the time. Therefore job seekers should be very careful before applying for jobs online.

Here are some signs to avoid online job scams:

  1. If you are getting an offer letter without any interview, application or discussion with the interviewer, ignore the offer letter and do not respond to the offer letter.
  2. Look for genuine online jobs when you prefer to do freelancing.
  3. Scammers ask you to pay some money in response to the offer letter or they will ask for your credit card information. In such situations be careful and never deposit cash nor provide any information related to your bank accounts.
  4. Employers very rarely need a potential employees personal financial information. Applicants should be very careful of a company that is asking for bank account numbers, credit card numbers or other personal financial information.
  5. If the letter looks very promising, check out details about the company. Browsing about the company may give you some information, if it is not lawful or genuine.
  6. Try to check out the company website. If there is no website for the company and if they don't have any contact information then take it as a warning sign and if possible enquire about the company with a better business bureau.
  7. If the employment details and the salary details are not clear, then carefully investigate the details through recruitment agencies.
  8. Many reputable companies have been the victims of these scammers who use their company names and reputations to scam innocent job seekers. Therefore always take time to stop and check company web site before responding to a job advertisement.
  9. Be aware of names that sound official. Many scam artists operate under names that sound like those of long-standing, reputable firms.
  10. Try to avoid working with firms that ask for a payment in advance. Read the contract carefully and get all promises in written for future safety. If they are not willing to give a written contract, then try to avoid them.
  11. There are some indications to identify a fraud job offer. Most of the online scammed emails contain spelling mistakes and bad grammar. Also, an employer using an e-mail address that is not affiliated with the companys domain name can be an indication of potential fraud.

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