Are you worried of how to handle stress interviews? Here are some tips

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Interviews are done to assess a candidate and stress interview is done mainly to test how patient enough a candidate is. In this the interviewer will try to put more pressure on the candidate or make the candidate uncomfortable, to see how the candidate will react in such situations. Interviewer will see if the candidate is still able to think logically in such stressful situations.

handle stress interviews

Stress tests include different ways to put stress on the candidate like for example:

unexpected behavior of the interviewer, uncomfortable questions, asking puzzle questions, asking questions repeatedly without even waiting for the response, acting rude, not agreeing with the candidate, continuously interrupting the candidate, and making the candidate wait for long hours. This is one of the toughest interviews and most of the candidates fail because they feel annoyed, frustrated and humiliated at the time of interview. Technical round interviews will be conducted to assess the technical expertise. Practice stress management techniques to reduce stress. Many of them fail also because they do not know how to handle stress interviews.

Here are some tips to handle stress interviews:

  • Be prepared before going for the stress interviews.
  • Make a list of similar questions that might be asked during a stress interview and prepare for those questions, by imagining how would you react for that kind of questions.

Below interview tips will help you to assess yourself and you can change accordingly:

  • Try to be cool and calm throughout the stress interview. Questions may be irritating but still you have to control your anger.
  • Do not immediately react for the questions. Pause and take a deep breath and then give your response.
  • Questions may sometimes be irrelevant and discriminatory. Do not point out and try to give concise answers.
  • Sometimes interviewer may ask typical question and might be waiting for right response from you. In such kind of situations, think of what the interviewer is exactly trying to get.
  • If you need any clarifications about a question, then don't be afraid to ask for clarification.
  • Do not restrict your answers. Sometimes this is what might be expected from you because getting right answers is not always important in these kinds of interviews. They just focus on the way you are solving the problem.
  • Interviewer may also through tantrums to test your patience. Ignore the aggressive behavior of the interviewer, stay focused and answer the question to the best of your ability.
  • If the questions are going out of limit and are hurting your emotions, then pause the interviewer.
  • Last but not the least: Beconfident, be honest and be brave while answering the questions.

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