Are you working for a multinational company or a national company?

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Working in multinational companies is different from working in a national company or a domestic firm. Organisational culture, salary, fringe benefits for employees working in MNCs will be much more when compared to the employees who work in national companies. Because of these benefits, most of the graduates will have a dream to get a job offer from an MNC or a well-known foreign firm. But in small companies employees will get a chance to learn more.


Here are some comparisons between the multinational companies and the national companies:

Multinational Companies :-

Friendly environment:International companies give lot of space for their employees and they also give lot of importance to the professional work atmosphere. As employees prefer a friendly atmosphere and work culture, MNCs try to create such kind of natural environment so that employees will work with more concentration and without feeling stressed.

Work force shapes the culture:In MNCs people will be more supportive, more outgoing and will be open to new ideas. This creates a healthy, open and sociable environment for employees and they will automatically perform well at the work place.

Better career growth:MNCs provide opportunities for better career prospects both in terms of money and in terms of job. Most of the MNCs prefer to hire candidates from top B schools and universities.

National Companies Earn/learn:Multinational companies hire large number of employees and give them limited roles in the company. This decreases the learning abilities of employees and they do not show interest in learning new concepts. Whereas in domestic firms or national companies, employee gets lot of opportunity to know about different job roles.

Job security:Stress of losing a job will be more in MNCs because of high workforce, highly competitive environment and sometimes due to financial downfall of the company. Whereas small companies give maximum job security to their employees. Earlier, there was lot of gap between the MNCs and the small firms, but now most of the small companies are also trying to provide the same benefits like good salary, Coroporate culture, good and friendly working environment and better growth prospects. Hence with Indian companies obtaining the professional edge and going global, professionals are turning towards them with equal force.

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