Are you recommending anybody for job? Read this

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When you are referring somebody of your colleague, friend, family member or somebody, keep in mind that you are using your professional reputation to refer them.

recommending anybody for job

Your organization and people in the organization will expect the same efforts and trust from the recommended person. If the recommended person is trustworthy, there will be no issues, if the person is not trustworthy and effective as you, then risk will be transferred you.

Before referring somebody for engineering jobs, read the below things:

Does this person really need job?

Check thoroughly about the person, whether he is interested in job or not. Make sure that, the person who was referring is well fitted to the position you recommend and he is quiet interested on the same task. Also check, does the recommended person really need job or pushed by somebody.

What do you know about the person?

Most of the persons nature will be different at office than they are at home. The standards which we expect from home and office will be different. If the person is well at home as a friend or family member, then analyze about his standards at work place and take a decision before recommending.

Does the person fit for referred job?

Make ensure that, the person you are recommending is having enough skills for the job required and he is well enough educated to fit in to the role of the organization. Think about the person, that he is really talented or not.

Is your relationship strong enough with the person?

Sometimes your relationship also changes with the performance of the person in the job. If the person get selected for the job role and doesnt do well creates a problem. If the person doesnt get selected also creates a problem. So think on these lines and recommend the person.

Are you ready to take risks?

The recommend person is a complete representation of you for creating brand reputation at office. Some people know the person casually and they thought recommending a person will strengthen their relationships, irrespective of thinking all other things like, if he doesn't do well, it will put in risk.

You can also decline the recommendation by giving these statements: I don't know much information about you. I don't feel I know you have enough experience working with you to provide a strong recommendation. I don't recommend anybody till now.

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