Are you planning to quit your job? Here are some tips to follow before quitting

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Quitting jobs frequently and taking up other new jobs is not advisable because this may affect your career. One has to visualize their career before planning to quit the job. Employers do not show interest in hiring candidates who frequently change their jobs because employers think that the candidate is not stable and focused and they may also quit their company in the same way. There are many job opportunities are available outside.


Therefore it is better to think twice before quitting a job and here are some points to check out before you quit your job:

  • Do not run away:Quitting a job is not running away but it is moving forward. Therefore do not always think of leaving the job, instead think of finding better ways to move forward in your job. Job is a path that opens opportunities to focus your attention on your future career. Before planning to quit, make sure that your work and powers are well defined and you are not driven by wrong reasons like salary or prestige.
  • Track your progress:It is bit difficult to adjust in a work environment when your colleagues and your boss are not supportive. It may also be one of the reasons to quit. But before you make a decision to quit, think of the circumstances which made to think of quitting the job. Speak with someone and try to resolve the issues. If the situation is still the same then decide to quit. And also check your progress by comparing what the company actually expected from you and what you achieved
  • Focus on your career:Do not take hasty decisions while in a hurry. Rather start with first opportunity. Work is not exactly what you know but, of even more concern, your role isn't defined, because getting a responsibility without an authority is more frustrating. You may not, for instance, be able to hire people or spend any real money. Set realistic career objective to go ahead.
  • Be honest and respectful:Weigh your options while planning to quit a job and searching for a new job. In every career transition, you gain something or you may lose something. No job is without a shred of sacrifice, be honest and think of all the different consequences you are going to face in your new job.

Give 2 or 3 weeks of notice period because your decision may be an unfair burden on the employer. Be clear about the reason for job change. Don't break the rules of etiquette and maintain full professionalism in your notice period. No matter how you feel about the job or the company you're leaving, it still provided you with a salary and the experience you needed to get advancement in your career.

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