Are you not getting selected for the interviews? These might be the reasons

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Every year thousands of students come out of colleges by completing their studies. They start searching for jobs and also apply for many jobs. Apart from thousands of candidates only few people will get an interview call and among them only few of them get job offers.


Many candidates lose a chance of getting selected for the interview because they do not present their skills and experiences well in the resume. There are also many other reasons behind this.

Your resume may not be attractive:Resume is one of the major reasons in getting selected for an interview. One should be very careful in preparing resume including all necessary information. Employers will get thousands of resumes and they will select only those resumes which look effective and attractive. A clear resume objective will convey the right message to the recruiters. Many candidates send same resume to all the companies while applying. This is the most common mistake done by most of them. Each company may have different requirement and hiring managers want to select a candidate who best matches their specific business needs. So it is better to research about the employers and tailor your job search materials by explaining your interest for a particular position and how you can contribute for better improvement of the company.Skill development also plays key role in job interviews.

You are focusing only on known companies:There are some companies which are very popular and known to many people, but there are many other companies which one may have never heard. Candidates apply only to those companies which are found in Google and those companies receive thousands of resumes for a single position. This is also one of the reasons for not getting selected for interview. Try to explore opportunities with small and mid size companies. They have lot of chances in exploring their businesses and most of the times they get trouble in finding qualified candidates.

You are not following the right procedure:Each company has specific procedure to follow for applicants while submitting their resume. Some companies may ask only to send resume and some may ask to fill up the form. Many candidates just apply for the position without exactly knowing the procedure for applying. If you don't follow the instructions while applying your application will not reach the employer and you will lose a chance of getting call for interview. So it is important to read the job listing, understand what the prospective employer is seeking and then apply by carefully following the instructions.

Your qualification may not suit the position you applied:Employers have specific criteria in mind while determining whom to call for interviews. If your qualification doesn't match their requirement then also you may not be selected for interview. So, it is better to have a close look on the job description and compare your skills and experience that is required for the position before applying.

You are not following up:Many candidates after sending their resume almost forget about the job and don't do any follow up. You are not the only person who has applied and there is a chance that employers may sometimes forget to call you. So, it is better to contact the hiring manager within two weeks after sending resume. With your follow up, employer feels that you are interested in the position and there is a chance that you may be called for the interview. By avoiding these above mentioned traps and boosting up your skills and confidence, one can improve chances of landing in to their dream job.

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