Are you not getting promoted? Check this out

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Apart from having a long term association with the company, most of the employees do not get promoted to the higher levels and it will be very painful for them when their fellow employees get promoted instead of them. It's not about how long an employee stays with the company rather it is more skill and talent based. Therefore employees instead of worrying why they did not promoted, it is better to focus on the future career. Employers promote at the time of performance appraisals. But what actually employees have to do to get promoted.


Here are some tips for them to follow:

  • Do not complain:Sometimes your boss may not promote you even if you are worth and they might be watching you to see how you will adapt the setback. After all, resiliency is one of the key attributes of successful leaders. Your boss might have many good reasons to promote your fellow employee than you. So, do not raise any complaints against the issue and continue to improve your performance. You should respect their decision and focus on improving your skills. This might work sometimes and your boss may feel that you also are worth to get promoted.
  • Define your intensions clearly:Your boss might have promoted your colleague because they might be more worth than you. If you feel that you are more worth than your colleague, then have a non-disputable and non-judgmental discussion with your boss and make sure that there are no misperceptions about you and your work. Make your boss feel that you value more to the company than others. Express your feelings that you respect their decision of promoting your colleague and also express your commitment and desire to grow in your career. Tell them that you will continuously work on developing your skills and you are always open for the feedback. This will create a good impression about you on the boss and this will make them to think about promoting you.
  • Decide the best time to leave:At times, you may not be promoted even if you are worth of getting a promotion and your boss is not recognizing your efforts. In such situations, you can take a decision to move on. Set your professional goals clearly and deicide what is the best time to leave the organization. While look for other job opportunities by polishing your skills and you may advance farther and faster, as you may be looked at differently in the new organization.

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