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Exchanging gifts at the workplace has become very common at the workplace. Most of the employees have friendly relations at the workplace and they like gifting their colleagues at some special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, transfers, promotions, farewell etc. Exchanging gifts is okay but employees should follow the internal gifting policies of the company while planning to gift someone. Companies have some internal policies on giving gifts, some companies allow gifting and some companies are very strict against gifting.


Here are some corporate gift ideas for the employees to follow while gifting at the workplace:

  • Contribution:Most of the employees enjoy the idea of exchanging gifts at the workplace and they happily contribute in that. But some employees may not like the idea of exchanging gifts and they may not be willing to participate or contribute. Therefore respect other employee's preferences and do not force them to participate in exchanging gifts.
  • Money and selection of the gift:Type of gift varies with different type of occasion and the amount may also vary according to the gift. Decide the amount needed for the gift and share it among people who are willing to contribute for the gift. Handover the responsibility to someone who is willing to take up the responsibility of selecting the gift and do not force anyone to take up the responsibility. Gifting enables happy employees and spreads your company work culture.
  • Participation pool:Think of the amount that should be collected from the participants and how it should be paid. Also calculate the amount that would be needed for occasions that arise on regular basis. Clearly explain the amount to be contributed by the participants and encourage everyone in the pool to take up the responsibility.
  • Managing:It is important to make a trustworthy person to take the charge so that they will collect the amount and utilize it in the right way. Discuss and finalize the mode of transaction, i.e., whether the amount will be collected in cash or through cheques credited to a common bank account. See that you plan everything in advance so that you may not be in a hurry when the occasion comes.

Some etiquette to follow while gifting at the workplace:

1.Do not present gifts that are too personal in nature.

2.Don't be biased while buying gifts and buy same kind of gifts for all the employees.

3.Do not gift religious items as this may hurt people's emotions.

4.Do not buy gifts that are too expensive.

5.If you want to gift only a chosen few, do it after work but not in public.

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