Are you getting rejected in the interviews?

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Attending interviews and getting rejected in the interviews is a common thing, but facing continuous rejection may let you down. There may be many reasons for getting rejected in the interview, starting from not applying for the right job, going unprepared for the interview, not being aware of role and requirements to interviewer asking inappropriate questions. Don't take the rejection to heart and use it as an opportunity to polish your skills. Rather getting discouraged, prepare for the next one. Here are some suggestions for you in this regard:

rejected in the interviews

  • Evaluate your interview:Think of why the interview was a disaster, review the questions that you were not able to answer or questions that you should have answered differently. Also think of how was the recruiters response while you were answering the questions, whether he/she was silent, changed topic or probed further. Followinterview tipsand evaluating the recruiters response will also help you in identifying what went wrong.
  • Follow up:Though the interview was not successful, do not hesitate to thank the interviewer. If possible send a thank you letteror follow up letter to the interviewer who interviewed you. Express your interest for the role and finally end up with writing that you are still interested to work with the organization. Recruiters may contact you when they have openings.
  • Prepare for the next interview:Don't get disappointed with the spoiled interview. Instead practice the questions that would be commonly asked in all the interviews.
  • For example: why should we hire you?
  • tell me about yourself?
  • what made you to apply for this job? etc
  • Most of the recruiters ask these kinds of questions to check the presence of mind and the level of confidence of a candidate. Therefore, think in terms of the interviewer and prepare accordingly.
  • Finally, all the interviews will not go successful and not everyjob opportunity turns in to employment. Instead of thinking seamlessly about getting an offer of employment, highlight your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Prepare well for the interview questions and answers, be confident and try to give your best in the next interview, then nothing can stop you in getting a job

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