Are you getting a negative feedback, learn to face it with a smile

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Feedback is as effective as openness with which it is accepted by the receiver. It is very easy to accept the appreciation or positive feedback, but it is very difficult to accept the negative feedback. Getting negative feedback at the work place is sometimes common and should always be taken up with a smile as this will help them in improving. One has to be prepared mentally to face the negative feedback.


Here are some tips to take up the negative feedback in positive light:

Don't take the feedback personally: Never take the criticism or negative feedback to heart. Reacting immediately may also worsen the situations. This will de-motivate you and will also degrade your performance. Be receptive and ready because main objective of giving a feedback is to achieve most favorable performance and more competent team environment.

Take it as a step for your career growth: Treat the feedback as an important meter to measure your performance and progress, this will specially help you when you have joined a new organization and in the process of learning new techniques and team building activities.

Openness: Whatever the feedback you may get, whether positive or negative, it will depend on the way you approach to the feedback and will determine its usefulness. If you are open to accept negative feedback, it will help to establish a trust in your seniors because you will realize the value of their words and your seniors will trust you because they will see zeal in you to learn new things and will add value to the organization.

Ask for a clarification: Listen carefully to your seniors on what they have to say about you. You may get a series of positive and negative feedback and also something you might be completely unaware of. Once you receive the feedback, ask for further clarification and what expectations are held from you, because the more you understand the reasons, the better you will be able to manage. If possible ask for suggestions on what can you do to improve yourselves.

Concentrate on the inputs: Once you receive the feedback, its time to think over the feedback and think of the areas you are keen to work on for example the areas which come under your personal career and development plan.

Follow up with actions: Once you are clear about the areas to work, plan accordingly to work on those areas. Try to implement new changes in your old work habits. Check your progress regularly and if needed take the help of your seniors. Employee motivation will help you to finish your work successfully and will also help you to grow better in your career.

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