Are you feeling stress at workplace?

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Stress is inevitable in this present work conditions and target based jobs. But, sometime your own perception also matters that how you will perceive an issue and how you will handle them.Just change your mindset and you are able to deal with the stress at workplace. Recent survey on stress at work place reveals that many employees who suffer from stress at work feeling rigid to go to workplace.


This is the new generation and with more evitable stress. You will get a good job along with a good bonus of stress. You have to manage many things when you are at work place like deadlines, unrealistic demands of boss, politics at work place and others.

Below tips may helpful to avoid stress at work place:

Meet the deadlines: Meet the deadlines by pitting additional efforts and try to finish that day itself. Otherwise ask your boss and take time to finish the task. Many companies put some targets for each task as per their policies. So add deadline from your end for each task assigned and try to finish in that boundaries only. When you deal with multitasking role prioritize your works and finish accordingly.

Work on a single task at a time as per priority: Multitasking is preferable by all employers and but it is not possible for all. Only some people can manage multi tasks at a time without any stress. You may lose your focus when you are attempting multitasking because you need to change your focus from one task to another without losing concentration. Prioritize your tasks and finish the tasks as per urgency. Working on a single project may help you to get effective output rather than working on multiple projects.

Do desk exercises: If you feel that you are suffering from stress then perform some desk exercises to come back to the work with more enthusiasm. It will help to regain your confidence and focus on your work.

Check your workplace ergonomics: Check once that your seating arrangements and ergonomics are comfortable or not. Your desk, chair, system are in as per required height or not. To avoid stress and to be comfortable sit as experts suggested.

Ignore disruptive colleagues: If you have any disruptive colleagues at work place and any distractions at workplace you need to avoid them to get continue with your work and to meet deadlines.

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