Are you dealing with a tough boss? Tips to survive with a tough boss

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Every employee will have a series of bosses at the work place. Most of the bosses will be competent, kind and respectful, but unfortunately some employees have tough bosses. Maintaining good relationship at the work place with both the colleagues and the boss is very important to survive in a job. This becomes bit difficult if they have a tough boss because employees will need to communicate with their boss regularly for some or the other work.


Here are some tips to deal with a tough boss:

  • Do not respond:Your boss may be really a jerk and always freaks out, but you should not immediately react or respond. If you react in the same way as your boss reacts, it accomplishes nothing but makes the situation worse. Just stay calm and maintain professionalism, this will make positive impression about you on the boss and also among your colleagues.
  • Document all your work:If your boss is tough, then he/she tries to point you out in all the work you do. Therefore it is better to finish to all your work on time to reduce stress at work and also document all the work you have done. Track all your accomplishments and complements that you received from your colleagues or from the manager. Maintain up to date information of all the work you have done.
  • Tackle with evidence:You may be a dedicated employee and you are giving your best at work, but your boss is still yelling at you saying that your performance is not up to the mark. In these situations your documenting will work, you can prove your boss wrong by showing detailed data of all the work you have done. This will help you in prove your employee rights and creating a good impression on your boss.
  • Maintain performance measurements: This is very important because, if you have subjective standards, it will be easy for your boss to rate you poorly. If you have set some objective standards and if you are meeting them, then it will be harder for your boss to do so.
  • Use humor:This is a very good way to deal with unpleasant situations. Try to predict what area the boss will first be upset about tomorrow or what time the boss will first become upset that day, then compare your prediction with what actually happens. This will help you to face the real time situations smoothly.
  • Be cautious while talking to your boss:Handle the situation smoothly and try to speak to your boss. If this is not working, then try to speak with your boss. Be very careful of what you speak and do not criticize your boss as this will worsen the situations. Focus on the behavior rather than the person.
  • Maintain good relations in the company:Maintain good connections with your colleagues in the company and also be active in the community affairs. This will help you to gain work experience and find other job if you really want to part ways with your boss.

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