Are you at the stage of submitting references?

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Your resume has short listed and it has impressed your employer to go to the next step of hiring process. At this stage recruiter may asked to furnish the reference list from the point of view of personal and professional.


Remember one thing that your references should add value to your profile instead of breaking a job deal .Look for references whenever you see employment news and apply jobs.

List out the specific candidates to include: Make a list of the people who knows you at professional level and personal level. Make ensure that you have included all professional references which is being expected by the companies.

You may include few of references from below:

  1. your most recent superior(s)
  2. people at the same level of hierarchy
  3. people who reported to you

If the provided references belong to the same industry, it may add value to your profile. You may include personal references from below when you look for job opportunities:

Mentors/College professionals People from your social network

Don't forget to intimate the references: Once you prepare the list of referees ,then call them and take their willingness to serve as a referee. Be ready to call more than the required referees and confirm their contact numbers and email ids and personal and office numbers.

Format your reference list regularly: Make ensure that your reference list must contain below information:

  1. Name and contact details
  2. Present company name and various positions held in past
  3. Previous companies you have worked
  4. Nature and duration of working association with you

Include professional titles and organisations name and other details. A well formulated reference list strongly supports your resume and gives an edge to your resume package. Enhance your contact list to nurture the career growth through good working and personal relations.

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