Are you addicted to technology? Check once

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Nowadays people became more addicted to technology and not finding time to spend with their family. We never imagine a decade back that our smart phone will be a pocket internet bank. Technology made us to send emails from our smart phones irrespective of the place and time. Technology has made us to connect our lives virtually at any time, at any place ,the movies, the golf course, traffic lights, as per or needs. We are living easy life with technology but it has some bad effects and good effects on us.

addicted to technology

Take this below quiz and know yourself that you are addicted to technology or not?

- Can you limit your online availability by being away from sms, email, chats, forums, social networking apps and reminders for a day?

- Are you one of those people who feel a desperate need to press the like button for every photo your friends upload on a social platform?

- Are you perpetually looking for new games and apps on your smart phone?

- Do you practically walk, sit, stand, and eat, wake up and go to bed with your PDA?

- Do you have a nervous habit of refreshing your inbox over and over, just in case someone emailed you in the last 60 seconds?

- Do you compulsively record voice memos for yourself on your phone?

- Do you change your phone settings almost every 2 days?

- Have you ever changed vacation plans based on wi-fi availability?

- Do you get restless if you do not receive sms, emails via email marketing and notifications from your various contacts every morning?

- Are there two or more portable electronic devices within reach right now?

- If you get as your answer for more than 5 questions, this is the right time to come out from the technology addiction and experience it.

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