Apprentice Offer Letter

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Apprentice Offer Letter

What is Apprentice Offer Letter?
Apprentice Offer Letter is a kind of offer letter which is issued by the employer to those candidates who seek paid training or a particular skill within a particular sector. Apprentice Letters are for those who need job with particular training which includes gaining recognized qualifications and essential skills whilst working and earning a wage.

How many types of Apprentice Offer Letter are there?

Categories of Apprentice Offer Letter
Apprentice Offer Letter are typically categorized in three types:
1) Foundation Apprenticeship
2) Apprenticeship
3) Higher Apprenticeship

Apprentice Offer Letter

Benefits/Usage of Apprentice Offer Letter

To provide paid trainings to needy and meritorious candidates for a particular technology and skill, one would need to issue an Apprentice Offer Letter. This letter confirms candidate’s training at the company with a particular wage set by the company.

Tips to write an effective Apprentice Offer Letter
An effective Apprentice Offer Letter should include following parameters:
●Job title
● Proposed start date
● Duty and performance of duties
● Training obligations
● Leave
●Professional standards
●Performance review
●Probationary period
● Documents to be completed and returned

Format of Apprentice Offer Letter

{Address of proposed apprentice},
Dear {Name of proposed apprentice},

Letter of offer for position of trainee
We are pleased to offer you the position of trainee. This offer sets out the terms and conditions that apply to this position and is made with the approval of (employer name, or trainer name)

This position is a full time position for a fixed term of two years commencing on (proposed start date). The training position will be evaluated at the company review conducted at the completion of the first year, and may be terminated by company at that time.

You will be ultimately responsible to the (employer name/training centre leader) through his appointed trainer for the day to day performance of the duties associated with this position and the training you receive. However in relation to all administrative matters you will be responsible to (the CEO/ trustees). The position is otherwise subject to all the applicable ordinances and rules in force from time to time in this trainingcentre.

This position is a(skill name) training position, with the majority of training conducted via ‘hands on’ actual (skill name) experience. The content of the training will be determined in consultation between trainer, trainee and company. The employer undertakes to provide at least 20% of the week in supervised training with company accredited trainer.

Duty and Performance of Duties
(List main duties and any restrictions on such duties)

You will also undertake any other duties that the training team leader or trainer reasonably and lawfully directs you to undertake from time to time.

Training Obligations
The trainer undertakes to ensure that you will receive on the job training and assessment in accordance with the Apprenticeship Guidelines for Trainers, and that leave and funding be given to participate in the Training Days and Challenge Conferences as required for your training.


Please refer to the website for information relevant to your area.
(Mention website)


You will be entitled to four weeks annual leave in accordance to the Annual Holidays Act. There is no provision for Long Service Leave Accrual.
(Mention another leaves such as Sick Leave as par your company guidelines)

Professional Standards

It is not appropriate to distinguish between standards of personal conduct when you are at work and standards when you are not at work. It is expected you will conduct yourself in accordance with the highest personal standards at all times in a way which is consistent with the principles and values of the company.

You acknowledge and agree that allegations of certain types of misconduct may be subject to disciplinary proceedings in accordance with the company rules under which you operate and the company misconduct guidelines. The company also reserve the right to suspend you on full pay if the need arises.

Performance Review

The trainer and company undertake to formally review your training every six months. The main purpose of the review is:

• to give your trainer formal opportunity to provide you with feedback about your work
• to give you opportunity to discuss the training you are receiving

Probationary Period

This position is subject to an initial probationary period of three months. During this time an assessment will be made of the value and suitability for your training of this position.

After the probationary period, your employment will automatically terminate at the end of the fixed term. Your employment will be summarily terminated by the training centre leader and the company before the end of the fixed term for serious misconduct by notice given to you by the training centre leader and employer effective immediately. Serious misconduct would include, among other things, dishonesty, violence, gross incompetence and pursuing a lifestyle, which is inconsistent with the principles and values of the company.

Documents to be completed and returned

(List all the required documents)

If you wish to accept the position in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this letter, you should:

a) Sign a copy of this letter in the space indicated below, and
b) Complete the “documents to be completed” listed above; and
c) Return the copy of the signed letter, the completed documents and provide details of the bank account into which you wish us to pay your stipend to us as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Employer Name I accept this position on the
terms and conditions set
out in this letter

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