Anti Corruption Act 2011 - Wisdom Jobs is participated in Anti Corruption Campaign

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Recently Wisdom Jobs, a small enthusiastic Y-generation company in Hyderabad has launched a small awareness program against corruption. In this program it was stated that 'corruption is even more dangerous than terrorism'. As a part of the organization I am moved and awakened by this school of thought. I want to thank the management of the organization to taking a step forward in creating awakening in people and reminding them where they are heading. Sometimes small contribution like this will create a big difference in the society and people. Hope many companies follow your footsteps and show little contribution to the society; apart from just doing only business.


Wisdom Jobs Anti Corruption Campaign Photos Hyderabad 2011

Wisdom jobs not only made its name in Hyderabad placing right people in right jobs, but also tried to put the society in right place, which is most deviated by corruption. This is the right time to address this issue of corruption, because corruption is growing at an alarming rate in our country and thank god company's like Wisdom jobs are taking this Social responsibility in rooting out corruption. India is a country known for its rich heritage and culture. We are independent India and Democratic India, after long long fight of our national leaders. They handed us India with a hope that we will run it on the grounds of ethics, morals and values and make India the best nation in the whole world and we will build a healthy India. Every year celebrating Independence does not mean hoisting our national flag, saluting it, singing national anthem and eating some sweets and listening to some speeches about our national leaders who struggled for independence.

It meant something more than this, how did we build our nation after independence? What is our contribution in building our nation? Are we using our democracy in a proper way?

Corruption is a component poisoning our societies and systems. Our day begins with corruption, milkman mixing water in the milk, on the way to office we break traffic rules and end up bribing a policeman, as we head to school we buy seats at the cost of others, we move our files in the office by bribing. These are the things we all see around us in our day to day lives. But we are least bothered. We want somebody to take care of those issues .It is not only the responsibility of the government, police, CBIorFBI to stop corruption; it is responsibility of each and every citizen of India. Come on let us all take an oath to root out corruption for this Independence Day, August 15th 2011.

Say No to corruption. Encouraging corruption is nothing better that doing it. Let us all work together to root out corruptive and antisocial elements and build a clean and green India.

All the major corruptive scams that happen in the last few years; pose a lot of questions to our leaders, our democracy, our integrity and our growth. It is definitely failure of our governments and systems. These scams put our heads down both with in and outside the country. These scams not only hampered the growth of the country, but also spoiled the image and reputation of the country. Lot of money is involved in these scams, which is again all people's money. The huge amounts of currency involved in these scams, if used for betterment of the country, our country might have been a good and safe place to live in.

This is a comparison of what Government is giving in Jan Lokpal Bill and what people of India represented by Anna Hazare is asking

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