Answering the Interview Question: Predict yourself 5 Years from Now

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Said by experts, from olden days, it is impossible to predict one's future at least for the next upcoming 5 minutes. And the answer for the recruiters question where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? sounds bizarre. The recruiter in reality doesn't expect you to explain your plans for upcoming 5 years, but might want to gauge your personal insights if you have any, and to ensure that the job you are interviewing for fits all your life plans.

Answering the Interview Question: Predict yourself 5 Years from Now

Without a prior answer, this tricky question can be a tough one to answer. When answering it from your personal point of view, your answer might sound correct, but while answering it in the point of interview, be careful in mind and answer the question what the employer wishes to hear.

Giving truthful Answers which might help you in winning Estimating what employers look for: There might be many reasons for employers to ask these questions. A recruiter is always interested in knowing about your career plans; they also look forward to know about your focus and goals. So grab the opportunity and let the employer know about interests and the positions you are looking for in a proper and controlled manner.

Trade yourself: A recruiter generally expects for a complete answer, which visibly validates your ambitions. They want to forecast your imagination in possible ways, plans ahead and more importantly your goals with the purpose of company and the position you are interviewing for. So prepare your answers to show how strongly suitable you are for the role. Let the interviewer know about your core skills, your achievements and experience and try building good rapport. This will help you in showing the interviewer about your devotion and commitment. Try to show the interviewer that you are special and well suited for the job title than others. You also need to make the interviewer clear about your stability at working with the company. This will not only show your keenness but can also nominate you as a determined candidate. It's good to know about the growth structure of the company while researching about the companies profile.

Some great answers:

Here is an example answer: which can be well matching for the tough question. In my previous company, I raised sales revenue from 10% to 20% in just a couple of months. By driving the same focus to this role and organization, I believe I can increase the sales of your company five-folds over the next 5 years. Lastly, avoid following examples and scripts which have less impact. Try to be imaginative and clever in answering the question. So whether you're preparing for an interview or not, try to forecast on your next 5 year plan and use it as a sieve while thinking about your next job options.

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