Accepting job offer over an email? Tips to follow

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You have been searching for a job for quite some time now. After attending many job interviews, hiring manager finally reaches out to you over the phone call. They will shortlist your profile and make you a job offer. This is exactly what you are looking for since many days. Don't give any confirmation for the question when you will join based on the conversation you had over the phone call.

Accepting job offer over an email

So, what should you do next?

Career experts suggest that wait until you have the offer letter in hand. Read the offer letter carefully once you receive it. Check once whether it has included everything that was discussed with the HR during the job interview, about salary package part. Let's check whether the salary package mentioned in the offer letter is the same that you had discussed during the interview. If it does not match, then talk to the hiring manager or else declines the offer.

Other things to take care of in an offer letter are:




4.Working Hours

5.Flexible Timings

6.Leave Policy

7.Exit Procedure

If you have any doubts clear all of them before accepting the offer letter if you found any queries regarding the terms of employment mentioned in the offer letter. So, clear all your doubts before accepting the job offer. Once you are totally convinced.

Here's how you should accept the job offer over email:

Accepting an Offer Letter over Email:

Accepting an offer letter over email should include the following three elements:

1.You should start your offer letter by thanking the employer for the opportunity and then telling them that you look forward to working with them.

2.Confirmation:You should include your confirmation note which may include the acceptance line stating the position, the discussed salary, date of joining and the department.

3.Closing:Your offer letter should include good closing which expresses your enthusiasm towards the job. You can use the closing paragraph to add some information that you have not used in the past or answer any key queries that the company has put forward. Finally, the acceptance letter should be sent to the hiring manager or the HR of the organization. Have a draft for future references.

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