A Focus on Equal Rights for Women

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"gender equality is critical to the development and peace of every nation." -- Kofi Annan

1. What is Women Right?

Women rights are privileges and freedoms stated for women and girls of all ages in many countries. The idea behind this is to provide equal rights to women same as men. In few places these rights are institutionalized or supported by law, local custom, and behavior, whereas in others places they may be unnoticed or concealed. They vary from broader ideas of human rights, through claims of an inbuilt past and conventional bias against the exercise of rights by women and girls in favor of men and boys. The origin of the women's rights movement can be connected to the abolitionist movement, to end slavery.

- Discrimination towards women and the harassment on women has been increasing since many years in many countries. Position of women both in their maternal homes and matrimonial homes is restricted, that in turn gives the label for male domination. Many girls and women are being punished severely for inter-religious or inter-caste relationships, mainly in the rural and remote villages. This is spreading in towns and cities as well. The position of women is bordered by marriage and fertility, both in their families and in the society. Role of women continues to be terrible in the country resulting in many maternal deaths, one in every seven minutes.

2. Why women need equal rights?

Thousands of women and girls are killed by members of their own families every year, in order to restore family honor. Ultimately, these women are becoming victims of conduct which ignore killing women and girls, as a punishment for breaking society norms of accepted behavior. With limited ease of understanding and restrictions, women in remote and rural areas, tend to depend on their husbands, for all their health care needs, with high levels of trust and confidence. This is the reason why it is very important that all health care needs must be made accessible to these education-deprived, poor women.

- The governments of all the countries are struggling to provide equal rights to each and every woman in the country. People all over the world say that they definitely support equal rights for men and women, but most of them still believe that men should get more preference when it comes to good jobs, higher education or even in some cases, the simple right to work outside the home. In spite of many achievements by women, many issues still exist in all areas of life, ranging from the cultural, political to the economic. Women often work more than men, but still they are paid less than men. Gender discrimination has been affecting girls and women throughout their lifetime and women and girls are often are the ones that suffer the most poverty. Many of them think that women's right is only an issue for some countries where they consider their Religion as law and some of them still think it is not at all an issue to be considered.

- Gender equality will in turn support the child and society development. Giving equal right and respect to women will also help in decreasing the number of girl child deaths. In spite of many huge achievements that have been made in supporting equal rights for women in past decades, there is still much to be done when it comes to equality for women. This is the reason why it is very important to support womens rights and gender equality. Women need their rights to be assured by law because women need to be solid and backed-up by law. Women require as much power and support from the law, so as to protect themselves from the attacks and discrimination that has been done to women since many decades. There is no world without women and no one can imagine this world without a women. Women can't speak for themselves and they require somebody who can speak for them so that it will help them a lot to be protected by Law. Whenever they are abused, they can be able to report the matter, when they know action is going to be taken. It is very important and it's the time to support equal rights for men and women and that is what the Equal Rights Amendment is all about. The amendment says that the equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by any State on account of sex.

3. What are the rights that should be given to women?

Women rights amendment has stated many rights to woman against men, but many of them are still pending due to lot of issues. International women's day and the Women Equality day are being celebrated in many countries so as to give freedom for women and also to promote the rights that have been given to them. Only some of them are being implemented partially and not fully.

General issues connected with ideas of women rights include:

- Physical honesty and independence

- Right to vote

- Right to hold public office

- Right to work

- Right to fair wages or equal pay

- Right to own property

- Right to education

- Right to serve in the military or be recruited

- Right to enter into legal contracts

- And right to have marital, parental and religious rights.

4. How to protect woman rights?

Before proceeding to protect women rights it is important to know what women rights are and where they come from. The women's rights have to be treated as part of an important convention on the equality of women. Many countries protect women rights on central and state level, promising women equal treatment and protection at home, both in public and at the workplace. Supporting the notion for women's rights is very important so to protect women rights. Women who support free choice for abortion lobby for the protection of abortion rights as part of women's rights. Women who do not support the practice often lobby through conservative women's groups that highlight the importance of women's rights.

Protecting workplace rights: Protesting against companies and individuals who violate women's rights in the workplace is very important. While some might consider these rights mundane, they form the rights that a woman has in her daily life. Women should be daring enough to report any prejudice or harassment done by men at the workplace, to their HR departments, the police and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Protecting women's basic human rights: One of the universal issues disturbing rights is the violation of women's rights on a physical and brutal level. Rape is one of the biggest violations of human rights which have to be immediately stopped and controlled. Alerting both men and women about the extensive mistreatment and organizing them to pressurize governments and armed groups to end these practices is an effective way of protecting women's rights. Aggression against women and girls is a primary violation of human rights, which extends across nations, cultures, and classes. It is a mass occurrence taking many different forms with catastrophic consequences for women's and girls health and survival.

- The social and economic costs resulting from this abuse place a large burden on society as a whole, significantly hindering development. Therefore, avoiding violence against women and girls is also a key contribution in achieving most of the development goals and reducing poverty. Government is striving hard in bringing women in to lime light by giving them all the rights which they deserve. Many amendments are still pending because of many politicians as they think that giving equal rights to women is not so important and some even say that it is not at all needed. Bringing equal rights to women can only be possible when each and every citizen takes the initiative to promote equal rights. This will help countries to grow better. Educating women in rural areas is also very important as they are being the main victims of harassment and sexual abuse. Educating people in a right way can also help this happen.

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