9 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

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Irrespective of any career, public communication and presentation skills play an important part of job. Enhancing one's own communication and presentation skills improves the performance and can lead to improved job prospects, promotions and other chances.


Communication is a way of human connection which is a major aspect that puts in to one's personal and career growth. Take a look at some communication techniques that can help in building a good presentation and relationship with audience.

  • Hook up to the listeners: Major thing before you begin to communicate is to know your audience. Aim to relate to them by finding a common medium, observe their body language and non verbal communication, and establish a connection by clearly defining your purpose and understand their responses. Try to flow words which can reflect well on the concept of your presentation.
  • Unwrap yourself: Once you build confidence with your listeners, try to sound interesting, and make them seem like you all are on the same path. Use keywords like we, us, our, etc. which can help you bond with your audience.
  • Keep Eye to Eye contact: Maintaining a good eye contact with your listeners keeps them interested and improves your confidence and willingness to face them straight. People would pay more attention to what you are speaking about.
  • Express eagerness: Smiling at your audience can give them impression that you are eager to talk to them.
  • Opening and Closing commentary: Make your openings and closing statements specific. Always narrate your content to the topic that you are delivering. Concentrate on making an influence on the listeners, apart from just conveying the content.
  • Deliver simple words: Recognize your audience presence of mind and make sure that your words are simple and clear unless its a technical presentation. Too many technical terms might be boring for your audience, as they might move away audience from the topic. So try to take pleasure in whatever you say in an easy way.
  • Engage your audience: Interact and make your audience involve in your presentation and make out specific content, that relates to them and try to gain positive perspective with your audience. Try to exchange information and respond to queries asked each time to build an effective response.
  • Be lively: Appear energetic with your body language and voice. Maintain positive energy levels and be a point of motivation to your listeners.
  • Structure your content: Arrange your content and narrate it like a story, to build interest, while being informative and handling queries, reading listeners behavior, as each element plays a major role in an unbeaten presentation.

Wrapping up: Verbal communication is a strong, soft skill that can help anyone to develop his/her professional capability and opportunity. Making sure that the Information is just not expressed, but also well-received by the audience, shows that your production skills are remarkable. Budding these ideas will spectacularly improve your capacity to communicate effectively. You can pick the presentation techniques that fit your personality. Good presentation abilities direct you to fresh prospects.

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