8 ways you can kill your chances of getting a job

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8 ways you can kill your chances of getting a job

When you are applying for a job and looking forward for the interview call then avoid following things that may hamper your chances of getting a job.

8 ways you can kill your chances of getting a job

Rushed Resume

A Rushed resume with missing information, penned down notes and blurred print will be ignored. It projects that you don’t care about the quality of work and pay no attention to details.

Incomplete application form

When recruiters gave you a form and you used for worst handwriting, scratched rows and left over fields indicate that you don’t follow directions and won’t be hired.

Crumbled or folded application/resume

If you use your resume sheet as a napkin or rolled in to a ball may hamper your chances of winning.

Who knows you better than your mom?

Adding your relatives or friends references may not works here. References need to have an objective stand about your work or experience mostly from your colleagues and supervisors.


Your attire should be professional and always be in formals when you are attending interviews.


Aggressive and over bearing attitude is not at all accepted anywhere. A positive, friendly attitude goes a long way to impress an employer.


If you are more interested in how many leaves you will get and what are the perks then it will be a turn off factor with employers. You should focus more on your responsibilities rather than relaxation period.

Did I write that? Is that true?

Remember the information that you have added in your resume and don’t forget to research much information about your company or market.

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