8 Tips to Answer What is your Expected Salary Range?

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This might be one of the universal questions where a candidate can get silence, mishandle, consider and may be give a puzzled glance. The easy reply would be will think about it later, haven't concentrated about it, will come back in a while etc. which can make the recruiter to think that the candidate is not sure about his profile. It might also give out an impression that the candidate is not well canto with industry or domain ranking.

 8 Tips to answer ?what is your Expected Salary range??

We enquired many job seekers across different profiles and collected their experiences along with answers to this question in 8 ways of most excellent promising way.

Here they go as follows:

  1. By no means offer a figure: This would be the primary thing for you to do. You shouldn't let the recruiter know about what you are expecting in specific figures. If your estimation is less, then there might be circumstances the recruiter won't say anything and you lose. If your estimation is more, then the recruiter would point that out and nevertheless you lose. So its suggested that never offer a figure in particular.
  2. Its a tactic: This question is asked in fact for testing your bargaining/negotiating skills. How healthy can you keep away from quoting a particular number and pressurize the recruiter to let them say their price. They also desire to evaluate how best you can communicate to put their number in your mind.
  3. Prior Research needed: Along with the preparation for interview, do research on the salary and salary estimation for the job role in the appearing company. Comparing the salary pay scales in different companies through many websites can be helpful.
  4. Stop talking after hearing it: After the recruiter reveals the offer, replicate it audibly and be calm. This generally leads to a raise as companies don't reveal their finest offer in the first step. This can provoke them to say the actual deal.
  5. Patience: Being patient always helps, and in these particular situations it helps a lot more while dealing with topics like these. Losing your confidence may lead you to gain a bad experience.
  6. Positive Attitude: Be confident. Positive attitude will always show that you are relaxed with the discussion process. Also, acting in your own natural way might give a feeling that you are confident of your quote which the recruiter may consider.
  7. Estimating: After your research, you should keep estimation on all your basic needs and constraints. So, going into the room thinking that you would get the best price without first discovering how much is essential for you.
  8. Being realistic: Be practical in your anticipations. Don't think that you can negotiate a six-figure for a five-figure job. There are examples where people asked for 50 per cent hike flat which was difficult to deal with and many weren't considered due to this.

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