8 signs to know that the job is a job scam

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8 signs to know that the job is a job scam

1.It's a scam if: "No experience is necessary!"

If any job advertisement depicts that No experience is nessacary then usually it’s a sign of a scam. The job description also vague, or so simple that can be done by any one. No specific skills, experience, or education are needed to do the job.

8  signs to know that the job is a job scam

2.It's a scam if: The job is VERY easy to do, and pays VERY well.

If the job posting specifies that you must start as soon as possible or no efforts required performing that job but you will receive a fat cheque then it would be a job scam."No experience necessary" may be part of the job description or pitch.

3.It's a scam if: A genuine job interview is not required.

If you come across a minimal fake interview via text message (like Slack or Yahoo Instant Messenger) or email can be known as a job scam.

4.It's a scam if: They found your resume on a job board you have never used - or not used in years.

This is a scam done via social media. This scam done to be a following up on a job application you have made. They mention that they hire you immediately.

5.It's a scam if: The employer's and/or the recruiter's identity is not clear.

The job description which appears online may contain certain job duties and responsibilities or a few tasks. But there will be no name of employer and no specific contact details to apply.

6.It's a scam if: When you Google them, you find only job postings or warnings.

If you find that the contact address of the employer is only via e-mail to an address at gmail.com or some other e-mail service not associated with the business then it is a scam. If they are legitimate employer then you may find the relevant contact information.

7.It's a scam if: They URGENTLY need to hire YOU -- IMMEDIATELY!

They mention that you are the exactly one they are looking for and you must be ready to work for them as soon as possible -- preferably today!

Before you start your interview process they asked you to send them your Social Security Number, bank account number, or a credit card number.

8.It's a scam if: You must purchase something from them to get started.

Some job scammers ask to purchase something to hire you immediately. Otherwise you need to pay them for special training to get started.

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