7 Things what not do on your last day of job?

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You are excited about the new opportunity you got as well as submitted your resignation letter and everything going in a smooth way. Never say negative notes about your company and also leave a company on the best note that you may need help of somebody from the someone in the industry.


Here are the things you should not talk about on your last day:

No growth in this company: You do not have to make others feel bad about their current job. You should wish best of luck to everyone in the team and tell them that you have had a great time in the company.

Do not reach me for some time: When you leave an organization many things need not be closed on your last day of the organization. So, be reachable to the company till the formalities completed.

Lets keep in touch: Generally you want to keep in touch with everyone in the organization. Connect with few of them on social media networks to whom you genuinely want to keep in touch.

Never discuss about the worst work experience: This is not the right time to discuss about the bad experiences and worst work experiences. It is advised to not use the words like worst, hate are strong and negative on your last day. Be polite and diplomatic when you are giving the feedback about your employer.

Showing excitement about your new job: Never discuss about your new job on the last day of your job. If somebody grills about your new job then keep quiet don't discuss much about it.

Do not advise your manager: Never tell you manager about managing people. You may use the same person as your reference.

Do not advise your colleagues to look for a new job: You might be happy about your new job, there may be some people updating their profile and looking for better opportunities. It is also advised to not warn the people to look for better opportunity. It's their personal choice so never suggest them to look for other job.

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