7 quick changes that help your resume standout

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7 quick changes that help your resume standout

Resume is a document that projects your personality and competency and with time, it needs to be updated regularly. Adding new skills and remove irrelevant skills you can make quickly.

7 quick changes that help your resume standout

Alter the font

This is the best tip to a quick makeover. Change the common fonts like Times New Roman and Verdana to a different font like Calibri, Cambria, Georgia, Arial, etc. Make sure that it should re readable, legible and clear. Press Ctrl+A and change the entire document.

Objective Statement

Select most appropriate objective statement by making it the headline. Use active and passive words to add strength to it.

Communication address not required

Address not required in your resume and removes the address from the personal details section if you haven't removed it. Academic resumes require address so customize your resume accordingly.

Add Your LinkedIn URL

Adding your LinkedIn profile may add value to your profile. It is better to simplify your social media links with shortened link or editing your profile.

Take Care of Skills' Section

Check your skills section and update it regularly.

Pack action

Take a close look at the roles and responsibilities part of your resume section. Use some passive and unenthusiastic verbs such as ‘taking care of’, ‘acting as’, ‘responsible for’ to name a few. Also use some power verbs like like, ‘led’, ‘managed’, ‘chaired’, ‘controlled’, ‘executed’, ‘headed’ to recharge your profile.

Show Your Growth

Highlight the promotion and growth which you have received in your present company or previous company. Growth is the most important thing in any resume part and that your resume should be clearly crafted to show your growth. So, clearly show your promotions, multiple roles, and positions of responsibilities clearly in the profile. Use above seven step guide to make quick changes in your resume.

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