6 top careers for women in Saudi Arabia

Posted on 27th Mar 2018 | 1586 views

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Over the last decade, KSA has achieved sustainable growth in education for women and the country is initiating women friendly reforms by the late King Abdullah to join the workforce. Saudi Vision 2030 a diversification plan designed to increase women participation in the workforce from 22 to 30%. The government has made several initiatives to encourage women workforce to connect with university degrees to job opportunities, maternity leaves increments from 4 to 10 weeks and companies having more than 15 employees have been initiated to set up child care centers.


Data from the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development found that the number of Saudi working women had grown by 130% over last four years.

Following careers are available for the Saudi Arabia women who wish to seek career:

1. Healthcare: Whether you are looking for a nurse job, doctor job, healthcare staff job or pharmacy job theres a more demand for women professionals.

2. Education: Education is the one of top career choices for women across global. In KSA teaching is considered as the greatest way of earning source for women. Plenty of opportunities are there for women teachers and lecturers.

3. Retail: A royal decree in 2011 has encouraged Saudi women to select a career opportunity in retail sector. Female employment in the sector has created nearly 50000 jobs in a year and now its common to see women serving as sales staff or working as cashiers.

4. IT: A large number of software houses and IT firms are looking for software engineers, system managers and software developers. While companies are offering work from home option to encourage women professionals.

5. Consultancy: The demand for skilled employees is always high be it design, marketing, business intelligence, risk management, supply chain or quality assurance, the options are many.

6. Administration: Many companies in Saudi Arabia are looking for women administrators who are able to manage their offices and other responsibilities. Having good management and communication skills are mandatory.

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