5 ways to prepare for your first week at work during Ramadan

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Ramadan is a time for reflection and increased prayer, patience and good deeds. Going to office without food and water in extreme weather conditions and for long hours can be a tough job. Recent studies show that if fasting is done in a proper way can improve brain function and mood, increase vigilance and mental clarity. Following are some tips to prepare for your first week at work during Ramadan.

work during Ramadan

Prepare a sleep schedule: During Ramadan, your sleep timings will change significantly. This will especially affect those who are prone to headaches, body aches, high blood pressure and increased stress. To get refreshed take a 10-minute walk after iftar. Maintain the same bedtime and wake-up time during the holy month so that your body gets accustomed to it.

Be ready for an early start: For an early start, schedule your workday the night before. Organize the meetings and conference calls to be taken next day. Planning like this may help improve your productivity.

Go as per your schedule: This tip is for the people who are working remotely and doing business with other countries where the fast isn't considered. Be aware of the change in timings and changes in meetings, deadlines, etc. Send an email notification about your revised working hours.

Arrange your work wardrobe: Dress modestly and formally during Ramadan, when there is no official dress code in the office.

Cut out caffeine: It is best to avoid caffeine during the fast period in Ramadan as coffee increases the possibility of dehydration. Skipping your daily cuppa may make you feel dizzy at first, but you'll be fine after a day or two.

Plan your food and water intake:Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So it is important that you stock up your energy levels for the upcoming fast with a nutritious breakfast.

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