5 Ways to overcome language barriers at workplace

Posted on 29th Mar 2018 | 1214 views

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Communicating at the workplace can be a big challenge for those who lack English skills. The best way to deal with it is to brush-up your English skills. While English is the global language of business and it is must to have working knowledge for every employee. According to the recent report proficiency levels are declining in Middle East and Africa as comparative to other countries. However it takes time to gaining command over English language and these tips will help you communicate effectively in the workplace to gain command over the language.


Think clearly and speak slowly: The best communication always comes from clear thinking. Have clarity before you start communication and speak slowly so that its easy for the listener to understand.

Ensure that you get your doubts clarified: Its common that people who are not fluent in language seek assumption rather than asking clarity. It is dangerous at workplace, where making assumptions will increase the chances of making professional errors.

Be patient: Patience is required when you are trying to learn a new language. But it may take time to become fluent in any new language. Don't be nervous while communicating with others.

Consider the channel of communication carefully: Some messages are best delivered face to face, others over Telephone and some others over mail. But make sure that the channel of communication you choose may play key role in conveying the message to the intended recipient. People who are not proficient in common language should use multiple channels.

Check whether you've understood correctly: Its better to cross check with the other person whether they've understood carefully. If you are a speaker then observe the body language signs like frowns or blank stares. If you notice these signs then ask whether they understood what you said. If requires repeat the communication.

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