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Majority of us lead our day to day life similar to robots. Getting to office at 9, all those regular routine works with coffee breaks in between work timings. Money is what we need to earn, where ever we work, either inside existing office or taking up new jobs instead of boring one, we should spend those 9 hours completely and effectively. As said by Confucius Choose a job you love, which would make you work in creative environment in your everyday life.Monotony does tend to sneak with even the most devoted and dependable peoples sensitivity infuriated with daily schedule of work lives.


Going ahead for breaking it!!

Find Creativeness: Try to do things differently than doing them in regular ways. For example, try to conduct your daily meetings in an open area like cafeteria or open terrace for that small morning chat instead of doing it in the meeting room/ conference hall and watch the difference. The entire team would feel rejuvenated and better and excited about this meeting than the other ones.

Try to Learn/ Explore: Upgrade the present skill or learn a new skill, this will be a feel good factor, and would help in boosting up your career adding extra energy to your daily routine.

Be a high flier: Inspire of having a 3 digit number task to do in your list, take up that extra one everyday which would take you on a long way in making yourself a high flier, what your boss is looking for. Staying in the safe zone and doing those duties which you have mastered over the years is easy, but being a high flier would make you exceptional with that extra learning prospect.

Be a Mentor: Sharing your experiences/ knowledge, teaching something new, guiding your member on the lane to success would give you greater high in seeing someone perform under your guidance and support. You feel like coming to office everyday to teach that one person for whom you are a mentor and teacher.

Be Funtastic: Make your team spend significant amount of time to cheer and have fun. Share them a funny incident, crack a joke and have fun rather than running after numbers with your team. This would not only make you feel good but will also help in building good rapport with your team members.

Out of the box thoughts:Going through single task everyday is definitely monotonous. Try to think something new and interesting, whether it is a sports bike or a car which can fly, but innovation and contravention of rules is what it is. Identify ways to break everyday job tasks into interesting and something new so as to keep the curiosity, and focus on time to deliver what is expected. Its the people working in the company who make the work platform an interesting one. They create amazing work culture, friendly atmosphere, where people feel inspired and motivated to come to office everyday and work.


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