5 Types of job interviews

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5 Types of job interviews

1.Phone Interviews

This is a unique kind of interview which might not be scheduled beforehand. Sometimes these may be surprise for you. While you have only 10-15 minutes time to make an impression over the interview. Employers looking for the candidates to know if you are available, passionate and able to take responsibilities for the job. This call is also ensures that whether you are considered for face to face interview or not. Make sure that callback them if you can’t attend the call on the moment. Get ready for the phone interview as they are the gateway to go ahead in further process.

5 Types of job interviews

2.One-on-one interviews

These are also known as face–to-face interviews which are conducted after a phone interview. There’s also an assessment took place in between these interviews. While, managers conduct interviews for the position you are applying for. Because you would be working with them and they will check if your skills and experience relevant for the job you applied.

3.Panel interviews

Panel interviews are conducted by team of interviewers. These members give an opinion that you will get hired or not so make sure that you try to impress the panel in a great way. Panel interviews seem always stressful but some companies find that panel interviews are stressful as they are testing a candidate under pressure. So be calm and deal with the given scenario.

4.Behavioral interviews

This is also common type of interview and the main reason behind this is to know how well you handle the stressful situations in the future based on your past performance. Then you need to give real life examples and explain that how your current skills will help to handle the situation professionally.

5.Group Interviews

Part of the quick screening process some companies conduct group interviews. These interviews include all candidates who have been attended for the interview. Group interviews are known as most efficient and effective method to know more about the company to see if they want to work for.

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