5 TOP Interview Questions For Teachers

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Here are the top five interview questions for teachers as given below:

1.What is your Teaching philosophy?

A:This question is meant to bring out the facts about teaching experience and philosophy. Here you can discuss about the lessons teached, the way you engaged with the students, how to handle students with special needs and able to inspire students.

2.How do you handle discipline in classrooms?

A:This is a tricky question as the answer differs from teacher to teacher. This question is designed to know how you are equipped to disciplining students. Knowing more details about the school discipline statement or mission may help you to answer well this question. Mention them as you use lots of constructive mechanisms to handle students and also your lessons are more engaging and interesting to students. Give them some practical examples wherein you had used to control students.

5 TOP Interview Questions For Teachers

3.How do you communicate with parents?

A:This is the most common question asked in Teachers interview. Interacting with parents is a huge job for any teacher and also explains the role of a teacher in any childs education. You can also mention that how you would play key role in childs progress. And also mention that you are okay to call parents to discuss about their kids disciplinary issues if any.

4.How do you deal with conflicts in the workplace?

A:The main objective behind this question is to know about your conflict solving skills and social collaboration skills. Choose one suitable example, while answering this question. Explain with a real time scenario where you had solved. Discuss with both sides of argument and how you fixed the issue in the workplace. Avoid discussing about bad experiences that might have led to problems in the past.

5.How can learning be made fun for children?

A:This is a great opportunity to present your creativity and demonstrate your fun side too. Discuss about some fun oriented programs like activities, conducting experiments and organizing field trips.

6.Do you have any questions for us?

A:Ask some questions to know about the different types of tools used in their school and their motto etc.

1.What kind of technology & tools are available for teachers to use in their classrooms?

2.What professional growth opportunities are available for teachers in your school?

3.What is the student-to-teacher ratio?

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