5 Things you should remove from your resume: Here's why

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You may add many interesting points in your resume to attract employers. You are not only the one who is playing or the job but many people are applying along with you to win in the job race. So, it is important to make your resume as simple as the best among the applied candidates. You need to remove some negative points from your resume to score good marks.

5 Things you should remove from your resume

Your resume is an important element to helping in landing your dream job. So, make sure that you have added right points otherwise remove some points from your resume to make it look more meaningful and proper. Here are the things to remove from your resume:

  1. Information not related to the job: When you are applying for a particular job then do not add anything which will not go with the job profile. It will looks like more showoff and your profile looks with over confidence. Those things will distract the mood of the interviewer. So, avoid those things to make your resume look perfectly clear and simple.
  2. Adding more experience: Recruiters spend on average 6 second on each resume they received for the job applications. So, if you have mentioned about your experience of more than ten years then they look for less experienced profile matching with their requirement.
  3. Avoid mentioning the objective: Resume objective is important for a great resume. The objective should match with the profile you are applying for. If you want to change your industry or looking for different role then you can mention that in your resume.
  4. Personal details: Try to keep your personal information as limited as much as possible. Keep some basic information such as the name, current address, phone number, sex, email ID and marital status.
  5. Awards and accomplishment: Things like awards and accomplishments are not going add plus points in your resume. So adding those accomplishments will not fetch your resume, so avoid these things in your resume.

The other things you should ignore in your resume are:

  • More than one phone number
  • Using vague phrases
  • Avoid adding visuals or images

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