5 Things You Should Absolutely Never Put on a Resume

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Adding your photo to your resume or CV might not be a good idea a few decades ago. But now a days there are mixed opinions about adding your image to your CV. Some experts still don't prefer the idea of adding image to the resume where as some believe that it's a great way to stand out of the crowd when you are in a job search process. Let's take a look at some situations where you may need to include your image on your resume.


Resumes in the Visual World

In the present era of visual world its very tough to grab an job opportunity with the olden day techniques of resume writing formats. People are getting very creative when applying for jobs soon after every company posts their open positions online. Including your image on resume is still unexpected, but it can make the hiring managers stop and have a second look at the resume. Including your photo to a resume makes the recruiter know about the person who is behind the name and helps in getting a better understanding of who you are. Creative industries stand as a common place for candidates to use photos on their CV's where the recruiters encourage more flexibility in their application process.

What are the Negatives?

Including your image in the resume allows the hiring manager to take count of your appearance as a criterion. Rather many recruiters search for the your online social media profiles for more information before reaching out where you are probably might have included your images. In reality, many career experts say having an image on your LinkedIn profile is a must. Using a professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile gives you personal appeal and trustworthiness. It also helps managers to make you more recognizable. The question is that when you have an image on your LinkedIn profile, why can't you have the same image on your CV? Using inappropriate images like selfies or low quality photographs can drag you out of the race even if you are a perfect apt for the job.

Choosing a image for Your CV

There are a few things you'll want to consider to get the attention of your hiring manager if you want to grab the attention of your recruiter. First, choose an image that is comparatively recent and you are all alone in the image with professional attire. If you have a strong image on your LinkedIn profile, feel free to use the same one on your CV.

Type of Picture to include in Your Resume

Keep your headshot to about the size of a passport photo, which is about 2 by 2. This makes sure your picture is big enough to clearly see you. When you feature an image on your resume, you're showing the hiring manager exactly who you are which could be just the item that lands you an interview.

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