5 Silly Resume Mistakes that can Hamper Your Job Search

Posted on 25th Jul 2017 | 1206 views

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The ability of a recruiter find a job on any job portal depends upon the usage of right keywords in your resume. It has to be standout among thousand resumes resets a lot on how you structured and presented the information about you. A resume is a document used to sell your skills


No detailed work experience: Recruiters and hiring managers will overlook a resume if it doesn't have work experience in detail. Your work experience is the main criteria to get shortlisted for the job requirements. Each job will be clearly described with tenure and key responsibilities and achievements. Make sure that you are not hiding anything about your past work. And you are not going to exaggerate about your past work.

Being vague about education: Most of the job candidates mention about minimum education in their resume. You can mention the college, grad stream and the period you studied there. If you gain good percentage then only mention it in your resume and also never lie about your grades.

Going on and on about your skills: If your skill doesn't match with your work experience then highlight them confidently in your resume. If you list out the irrelevant skills you have in your resume then recruiter may get confused while screening the profile.

Shortening words: Experts suggest that do not use much jargons or keywords in your resume. If a recruiter doesn't understand what you have written in your resume, he doesn't pass it on to the hiring manager.

Skipping proofreading: Make sure that you have done proofreading of your resume before submitting it to the hiring manager. Do not make spelling mistake and it is also important to read it twice or thrice before submitting it.

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