5 Reasons why you are still unemployed in the UAE?

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5 Reasons why you are still unemployed in the UAE?

The UAE job market is flooding with huge job opportunities in different sectors. Career experts predict that upcoming events like Dubai Expo 2020 will create more jobs in the UAE. With an increase in the job openings there is a great surge in the competition among job seekers as well. Even a small mistake may cost you a job opportunity in the UAE. If you are applying for the jobs in the UAE for long but not getting calls from t the recruiters then following reasons may keep you unemployed.

5 Reasons why you are still unemployed in the UAE?

Mistake #1: Filling out online applications randomly

Jobseeker s believes that the more job openings they apply to the more they will get more calls from recruiters. But choosing quantity over quality is waste of time and energy, rather than search and applying for random jobs. So, identify the suitable elements during the job search such as companies, job role, and even location.

Mistake#2: Not sending the customized CV

The term no one size fits for all perfectly suitable for CVs. A standard CV cannot fit for all job applications. To make fit for the job applications you should know how to customize your CV. It needs a simple process Search the important keywords in the job description and add them to your CV. Most of the recruiters are depending on the ATS system, adding the relevant keywords in your CV will increase your chances of getting shortlisted by recruiters.

Mistake#3: Not researching about the company

Prepare well for the interview, before you crack the job interview. Having knowledge about the company’s business, products & services, values, etc., may show that you are genuinely interested in the job opportunity. So go through the official website of the company carefully before appearing for the job interview.

Mistake#4: Not communicating about your job search

Applying to jobs is not only enough but also building a strong career is also equally crucial. So increase your networking, connect with more people both, online and offline to build a wider professional network.

Mistake#5: Not following up with the hiring manager

Always remember that do follow-up with hiring manager after the interview. It is a perfect way that you are genuinely wish to work for their company. It also provides an opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism by sending a thank you note.

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