5 Reasons why Candidates Fail to Impress in Interviews

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5 Reasons why Candidates Fail to Impress in Interviews

So, what is the main fact that differentiates candidates from others when attending interviews? The answer is that some facts which appears at interview. Here are some reasons that why candidates fail to impress in interviews.

5 Reasons why Candidates Fail to Impress in Interviews

Poor interview preparation: Employer shave done lot of research to find you and they expect the same that you do same to know more information about the company. Candidates who attend interview not knowing more details about the company, about the industry and job role are in a poor position to compete with others and unable to impress interviewers.

Displaying a negative attitude: Attitude plays critical role in defining character and employer decision. Employers will turn off to the potential employer when badmouthing previous bosses, companies and colleagues; defensive or rudely evasive answers to key interview questions; or overtly aggressive answers, posture and demeanour.

Lack of enthusiasm to the company: When a candidate is disinterested about their company and its brand and objectives shows lack of enthusiasm about the company. Employers looking for the candidates who are passionate about their company and work culture will they place excessive trust in your long-term loyalty, stamina or staying power.

Vague, coined or dishonest answers: The interview is not the venue practice your skills and employer see that conversation positive and constructive.

Lack of clarity on personal USPs: You should have a clear idea about what you are going to offer to the job role you are applying and how you are suitable for that role. e very precise and articulate when it comes to spelling out what your personal strengths are, why you are competitive and what sets you apart and makes you suitable for the applied job role.

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