5 Major types of Job Scams

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5 Major types of Job Scams

Here are some major job scams found in the market:
Types of Job Scams

E-mailed Job Offer Supposedly from an Employer, Recruiter, or Job Board

You may found an email from wisdom jobs saying that they think you are the perfect candidate for this new opportunity and thanks for applying for the vacant position. Here all you need to do is send them personal information for a pre-employment credit check, complete your application or provide the information they need to complete the process so that they can bring you on board as a new employee. They are asking for sensitive information such as a copy of your driver's license, your Social Security Number and your bank account number. They have borrowed logos from websites.

Fake Jobs on Social Media

This is the new trend in job scams and no social network is perfectly safe. Be alert of jobs and recruiters you find on social media. Fake facebook pages appear with many job opportunities shared and promoted. Fake LinkedIn Profiles are created, and they are used to post "opportunities" in LinkedIn Groups. Verify thoroughly that the recruiter or employer social media account is genuine before you click and apply. Google the employer or recruiter name to know real or fake.

Fake Jobs Apparently from Legitimate Employers

If the job site or employer or the website claims to be a real employer, then jobs are NOT legitimate because they not actually from that employer. Here the scammers adverting bogus jobs that totally unrelated to the legitimate employer named in the posting or on website.

Bogus Jobs on Legitimate Job Boards

If you find a job on any well known brand like Wisdom jobs then the job board is legitimate but the job may be a scam. The fact that an employer, or a scammer, must first pay a job board in order to post jobs does NOT guarantee that the job is legitimate. Here scammers post much jobs to cover the cost of the posting.

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