5 Interview Questions You Don't Have to Answer when you don't know how to answer

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Employers very often ask about age and ethnicity duringinterviews.While some interviewers ask some questions which may violate anti-discrimination laws or your privacy rights. Before refusing to answer these questions, clarify interviewer's intent or provide information about your skills and qualification.

Interview Questions

Your last name sounds familiar. Does your spouse work for Google?

Employers are not supposed to take decisions based on an applicant's marital status. The employer shouldn't ask the name of your spouse or where he is working even after building rapport in an interview. You can mention that you are not comfortable with that question or what is the purpose of that question to ask.

Questions related to your family, kids. Do you have children, or have you been thinking about starting a family?

Whatever your gender it is not inappropriate for employers to ask about children, future family plans or childcare arrangements. The interviewer may be worried about how committed you are to your career or how you will balance career and family. Directing to another topic is the best way to handle intrusive, borderline questions.

Like most startups, we're on a tight budget. What was your previous salary?

Incase if you come across this kind of question you may state that you receive market based pay.

You'll need a security clearance. Have you ever been arrested or spent time in jail?

Employers are allowed to ask about job applicant's criminal history. Mention that you've not been involved in any such kind of activities in past seven years.

You'll need to communicate with external clients. Are you a native English speaker?

Employers are not allowed to ask about your national origin whether English is your primary language. But they can reject you due to lack of English fluency by showing a non discriminatory reason for why they turned you down.

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