5 Best ways to generate effective feedback mechanism

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A successful response method in any organization is the one that facilitates two-way free communication. As a manager or leader, important part of your job is to give feedback to your team. Feedback is really important to individuals and teams.They desire to make out what they are doing well and where they need to develop. Sadly, managers and leaders are often poor at giving feedback or worse still, don't give it at all. There have been many examples in the past where organizations have been able to find solutions using this response method. It offers some tips to build an effective feedback mechanism. Check out these 5 best ways of getting effective and real feedback.


Go unidentified: Use an unidentified response platform where employees can namelessly ask questions. This creates a comfort level among employees to be able to be in touch freely. Employees respond freely and come out with their problems and even with solutions for getting of those problems which can never be bought out individually by name.

Encourage confidence: Encouraging confidence is necessary that employees believe that their feedback will reach the estimated purpose and create impact. It is trust and confidence among employees that would allow an even performance of the feedback mechanism.

Recognition: Recognition makes a lot of difference when an employee understands that their contributions are in fact being heard and recognized, and not being lost in the HR black box. This also improves the self confidence in the employees.

Choosing Two Way method:A communication system in an organization must always promote dialogues across the organization. A combination of top-down pulse surveys and bottom-up employee generated conversations works well.

Acting in responsive method: Act on the gathered response and highlight the impact employees make, so that employees are motivated and believe they can certainly influence in the organizations success. Your response to employees really matters and even boosts their confidence and motivation.

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