4 types of job attitudes - Which one are you?

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Different kinds of people have different mindset and they have different job attitudes. Generally there are four kinds of people and they are characterized by their attitude.


Different types of attitudes are mentioned below:

  • Job lover:Job lover is a person who does the job with lot of passion. They like spending extra hours by finding new ways to improve their work and to progress in future. Generally, these types of employees only think about exploring in their work, but by doing so they may miss many opportunities. A person who is continuously does the same work will have more chances of getting unexpected pitfalls in their work. In short, all work and no play will make them dull by losing job satisfaction.
  • Job doer:A person with this kind of attitude generally follows a pragmatic approach. They do work with lot of dedication but sometimes it is just the little things like pride in a job well done, being responsible, just being a contributing member of society in general.
  • Job hater:People with this kind of attitude do not like working and they spend lot of time in criticizing their coworkers, complaining about the work and company. Without doing work, they spend too much of time in expressing negative feelings that look like building and exploding to endless torrent in considering opportunities. They do not show any interest in work and they also disturb their coworkers by deviating them from their work. Most of the job haters do not show interest in any field and they have very less chances of getting a job.
  • Job what?:Some of them also belong to this category where they do not know why they are in to the job and what they have to do. They just do job because they have to do. They try to skip from work whenever they are needed and spend more time in doing personal work.

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