4 tips to stay spiritual and productive at work during Ramadan

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The holy month of Ramadan is known as a time of deep-introspection, empathy, fasting, prayer and gratitude. It requires more focus and dedication to meet the challenges at your workplace Ramadan fasting can increase the pressures on productivity with shorter working hours and low energy levels. Following tips may help you maintain good levels of productivity:

spiritual and productive at work during Ramadan

Self care: Fasting and lack of sleep will impact your energy levels and concentration levels. Not only this affects your productivity but also results in restless or worse. Most employers are sensitive to this issue. They are under the pressure to meet the targets during the holy month of Ramadan. If you are late to work, asleep or being unproductive during the month Others who are fasting still managing their productive levels need to be appreciated. To get maximum productivity it's important to practice as much as self care by having enough sleep both at night and after work and also it is important that having the right foods at iftar and suhoor. Better to avoid sugary and processed foods to balance our blood glucose and energy levels. It is also important to have high nutritious foods that include high in fibre, complex carbohydrate, protein and good fats instead.

Plan your day: Plan your day in the morning, what will be the achievements for that day and time required to complete each task. Finish the tasks at the time of day you have the active energy levels.

Communicate with your manager: Speak with your manager about flexible hours. Managers don't care about-as long as the work done without any interruption. For example, if you have more energy in the morning, request to work 6am - 12pm instead of 9am - 3pm. Delegate the tasks which can be done by somebody else in your team.

Time management: During Ramadan, it's common that some employees and key decision-makers will be on vacation. This means that some of your projects will be on hold. It might be frustrating or you. But utilize this time to focus on increasing efficiencies within your role, department or company.

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