4 Reasons why you’re not getting hired ?

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4 Reasons why you’re not getting hired?

When you know that you’re perfect for the job, your profile matches the job description and you have great career achievements. But still, you’re not getting the interview calls from recruiters. You may start blaming the employers for being not selected or tough job market. The major fact is that other people getting hired except your field. Here are some possible reasons why you’re not landing a job.

4 Reasons why you’re not getting hired?

1.You’re not using a proactive approach

To achieve your career goals you need to commit to them, here same thing applies to job hunting.You need to develop and implement a proactive job search strategy rather than going with flow and apply for the jobs.Here start with identifying your strengths and weaknesses to build strategy based on that. Make sure that you have the required skills to get the job. If you are qualified for the job, great otherwise make an initiative to improve your skill sets. Go through wisdom jobs e university online tutorials to enhance your skills and step ahead of others. Make sure that you have great networking and connecting with right kind of people.

2.You don’t seem passionate enough

Employers notice that you are passionate enough or not. They can identify your lack of passion. So make sure to exhibit your passion during the job search process. Explain in a great way that why you select this position and what excites you about this through a Video CV and cover letter.

3.You haven’t done your search

Employers ask questions about their company and brand to check whether the candidate research the company. Know more about the company products and it will be easy to answer when employers asking.

4.You’re not properly selling yourself

You may think that you are doing good job while marketing your profile to employers. Simply you’re saying that you have great leadership skills and educational qualifications.

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