25 emerging job profiles for prospective job candidates

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Here are 25 emerging job profiles for prospective job candidates as listed below:

1.Finance and taxation:

Required Skills: Technological Expertise, Accounting skills, Analytical thought,

Average salary: Rs 3-8 lakh per annum

2.Investment banking:

Required Skills: Time-management, Multitasking, Analytical skills, Communication skills


Average salary: Rs 3-18 lakh per annum

3.Social media manager:

Required Skills: Optimising content, Creative mindset, Writing skills, Strategy planning, Community management. Understanding of content marketing

Average salary: Rs 3-7 lakh per annum

4.Digital integrated copywriter:

Required Skills: Content marketing, SEO, Social media integration, Conversion rate optimisation, User experience (UX) testing, Metrics (stats like bounce rates, etc), Web design and development

Average salary: Rs 7 lakh per annum

5.Digital account manager:

Required Skills: Relationship building, Understanding your client's business and needs, Communication, Organizational skills

Average salary: Rs 3- 14 lakh per annum

6.Content marketing manager:

Required Skills: Grammatically sound, Digital strategy, Content strategy, Inbound marketing mindset

Average salary: Rs 5-10 lakh per annum

7.Digital marketing:

Required Skills: Understanding of SEM and SEO, Paid social media advertising expertise, Specific marketing channel expertise, drip marketing campaigns

Average salary: Rs 3-10 lakh per annum

8.Industrial engineers:

Required Skills: Quality control, Problem solving, Project planning

Average salary: Rs 3-9 lakh per annum

9.Automotive designers:

Required Skills: CAD experience, GD&T expertise, Design for manufacturability (DFM) methods

Average salary: Rs 4-13 lakh per annum

10.Electrical engineers:

Required Skills: Circuit Design, Instrumentation and electrical measurements, Active learning, Programming languages

Average salary: Rs 3-8 lakh per annum

11.Pharmacy Technician:

Required Skills: Team player, Critical observation, Skilled communicator, Critical thinking, Computer skills

Average salary: Rs 13-35 lakh per annum

12.Nurse Practitioner:

Required Skills:Compassion, Communication, Critical thinking, Adaptability

Average salary: Rs 4-8 lakh per annum


Required Skills: Quality control analysis, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Medicine and dentistry

Average salary: Rs 3-6 lakh per annum

14.System administrator:

Required Skills: Problem-solving skills, Knowledge of computer, Organisational skills, Technical skills

Average salary: Rs 3-7 lakh per annum

15.Data security administrator:

Required Skills: Security engineering, Encryption, HTTPS, SSL,TLS, Vulnerability analysis

Average salary: Rs 3-8 lakh per annum

16.Network administrator:

Required Skills: IT and technical skills, Problem-solving skills, Interpersonal skills, Team work

Average salary: Rs 3-8 lakh per annum

17.Database developer:

Required Skills: Designing and developing databases, Modifying a database, Technical skills, Organisational skills, Critical and analytical thinking

Average salary: Rs 3-9 lakh per annum

18.Business intelligence analyst:

Required Skills: Communication, Data analysis, Industry knowledge, Problem solving, SQL programming

Average salary: Rs 3-11 lakh per annum

19.Cyber security:

Required Skills: IT fundamentals, Coding skills, Soft Skills

Average salary: Rs 4-10 lakh per annum

20.Cloud project manager:

Required Skills: Mobile app development and management, Data integration and analysis skills, Project management skills, Technical skills, Business and financial skills

Average salary: Rs 15-19 lakh per annum

21.Cloud software engineers:

Required Skills: AWS, Azure, Openstack, Web services, API, REST, RPC, Virtualisation

Average salary: Rs 5-15 lakh per annum

22.Blockchain Developers:

Required Skills: Java, C++, Go and Python, Programming language (LLL and Serpent)

Average salary: Rs 9 lakh per annum

23.UI/UX Designer:

Required Skills: Wire framing & UI prototyping, Visual communication, UX writing, Interaction design, Coding, Analytics

Average salary: Rs 6 lakh per annum

24.3D Designers:

Required Skills: Creativity, Computer knowledge, networking ability

Average salary: Rs 6 lakh per annum

25.Data Scientist:

Required Skills: Python coding, Hadoop platform, SQL database/coding

Average salary: Rs 6.3 lakh per annum

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