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The rise in the recruitment activities in the last quarter of 2017 projecting that the Indian job market is under recovery phase. So it is a key indication that 2018 will be positive on hiring front. Recruiters are aggressively hiring Millennials, who are already a major part of the workforce, are leading to the creation of new job profiles and improvisations in the benefits segment.


Key findings of the employment outlook 2018 survey:

1.Over 67% companies find any competition or threat from startups, as well as nearly 33% companies feel that startups pose a business challenge to them.

2.According to the survey nearly 56% companies expected to see major hiring could be from the metro cities, followed by Tier I cities, Tier II and III cities.

3.Recruitment trends 2018 expected to emerging aspects like:

4.Compensation and benefits

5.Employee retention

6.Creating an employee friendly environment in the workplace

7.Flexible working hours and many more.

Employment generating sectors in 2018:

1.Survey finds that hiring sentiments in 2018 will increase, as mentioned by 60% of surveyed organizations.

2.Over 26% companies feel that the hiring sentiment would decline, whereas remaining 14% said it would remain the same.

3.The survey finds that nearly 55% organizations feel that there would be 5-10% rise in the hiring sentiment.

4.Over 31% recruiters feel that there will be a rise of 10-15% in the hiring sentiment. Most sought after industries in 2018

5.Over 26% companies said that the IT/ Telecom sector will be the largest employment generator.

6.Over 19% employers feel that the manufacturing and engineering sectors would create more jobs in 2018.

7.More than 18% recruiters estimated that the project/infrastructure sector would bring more jobs.

8.Nearly 15% companies feel that healthcare sector will create the maximum employment in 2018.

9.Over 12% organizations feel that the retail industry will be the prime employment generator.

10.Meanwhile, 11% companies feel that automobiles sector will create more jobs in 2018.

Most sought after functional areas in 2018:

1.As per the survey, over 25% of feel that sales/business development will be the most sought-after functional area.

2.Over 25% organizations feel that marketing and advertising would be the second most demanded functional area.

3.Nearly 12% companies said that human resources professionals will be the most sought after functional area and nearly 10% feel that talent demand in the administration function will be most demanded functional area in 2018.

4.The survey also mentioned that nearly 7% recruiters feel that the finance would be one of the most demanded functional areas.

In demand experience categories in 2018:

1.Over 35% organizations are expected to hire candidates with a work experience of 2-5 years.

2.Nearly 33% companies will hire candidates with an experience range of 5-10 years.

3.More than 12% employers will seek candidates with a work experience of less than 2 years.

4.While only 10% of companies will hire candidates with a work experience of more than 10 years.

Hiring outlook for women professionals:

1.More than 57% organizations would hire more women in 2018 and only 43% denied hiring more women employees.

2.Over 32% of organizations said that they would hire women professionals at the junior level.

3.On Average 60% recruiters would hire females at the middle level and about 8% would recruit women professionals at the senior level.

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