17 Things you need to omit from your Resume

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A resume is the main criteria in making a good impression a prospective employer and getting a chance for an interview. Here's a list of 20 things you should not avoid from your resume for a better chance at scoring that interview.


Secondary skills: Furnish the secondary skills at the top of your resume useful to continue developing in your next job.

High school jobs: If you are graduated from high school then you will have exception to this.

The unprofessional (silly) email account: You need to have a professional mail ID. If you're still using an old, seemed-appropriate-at-the-time email address--gnarlydude56@yahoo.com--it's time to create a new, more professional one.

Misspelled words and poor grammar: Proof read many times before submitting your resume for any misspelled words and poor grammar are total job-possibility killers.

Superfluous things: No need to list out the hobbies on your resume.

Old-school resume formatting: Revive your resume with a new, exciting look that will catch the eye of a prospective employer.

The Objective section: You can replace your job objective section to tell the prospective employer how valuable you can be to their company.

Personal information: Don't include things like date of birth, ethnicity, religious affiliations, and reasons for leaving your previous job, specific street addresses, or phone numbers of previous employers.

A photo: Don't include your photo unless it was requested by a prospective employer.

Gaps in work experience (if you can): If you have gaps in your career the fill this gap with volunteer work.

Your home number (if you still have one): Don't list your home number on your resume.

References: These are fillers of your resume. So add more references if you make it to the next step in the interview process.

The second page: Your second page should contain the most-important information about you and your experience on one page--rarely is the second page even glanced at.

Salary figures--past and future: Don't list out the current, previous and expected Salary figures.

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