12 Things you should be avoided at an interview

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Job interviews play key role in the selection of a job candidate. Interviews are conducted to test a job candidates communication, social, and technical skills. As a job seeker you need to follow below things which should be avoided in any interview to get selected for any job interview.

12 Things you should be avoided at an interview

1. Careless With Hands: Do not flay your hands, cross your arms, or rest your hands on the desk.

2. Do Not Convey Anxiety: Chewing gum, eating a toffee, checking the watch, etc., show that you are anxious.

3. Bad Body Language: Do not show your disinterest by looking bored, averting your eyes, or by dropping your shoulders.

4. Negativity: When you answer incorrectly does not make a sad face or bite your tongue to show disappointment.

5. Unpunctual: Do not arrive late or make amends by barging into the interview room.

6. Bad Preparation: Do not attend the job interview without preparation. Revise your notes, study new concepts and update your knowledge regularly.

7. Bad Presentation: Do not present yourself at the interview in a bad manner. Dress properly, show respect and be professional.

8. Lack Of Research: Employers tend to ask about their own company at the interview. Always go prepared with the latest facts and figures after doing basic research.

9. Being Someone Else: Do not pretend to be what you are not. You cannot suddenly transform from having a sullen personality into a cheerful person.

10. Poor Communication: If your grammar and sentence construction are extremely poor, you can say goodbye to your chances of securing a job after the interview.

11. Fidgeting with unnecessary props: You should avoid mobile phones, nail files and chewing gum at the interview table.

12. Speaking negatively about your current employer: Never complain or comment about your previous employer no matter how ineffective they are.

13. Lying on your CV: Anything included on your CV could be discussed at an interview and a fabrication about your work or education record could damage your reputation in the long run.

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