12 Brain Teaser questions and how to answer them

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12 Brain Teaser questions and how to answer them?

Brain teaser questions are used to ask about estimating/quantifying questions to know how many (or how much) of something there is in a particular place or scenario. This is unique kind of questionnaire to be asked interviews

 12 Brain Teaser questions and how to answer them

What Are Brainteaser Interview Questions?

Brain teaser questions are asked either verbally or written to asked about various questions with a specific answer. These questions are asked in the jobs related to highly technical analysis-based jobs. Top tech companies such as IBM, Google and Facebook to impress the interviewers. The best way to tackle these questions are describe them as simply as possible.

● The “How Many Marbles in the Jar” Brainteaser

● How many street lights are there in New York City?

● How many golf balls are there in Florida?

● How much annual revenue does the Time Square Starbucks bring in?

● How many potatoes does McDonald’s sell each year in the UK?

● The “Dust Off the Math Skills” Brainteaser

● A car travels a distance of 60 miles at an average speed of 30 mph. How fast would the car have to travel the same 60-mile distance home to average 60 mph over the entire trip?

● What is the sum of numbers from 1 to 100?

● You are given a 3-gallon jug and a 5-gallon jug. How do you use them to get 4 gallons of liquid?

The “Teach Me” Brainteaser questions are designed to get you to communicate complex information in a straightforward way.

● Explain the Internet to someone who has been in a coma for 30 years.

● How would you direct someone to make an omelette?

● Explain a complex database to your 8-year-old nephew.

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