11 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask your Employer

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11 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask your Employer

Job interview is a great platform for the employers to learn more about the prospective candidates and hire the best talent. However recruiters/hiring managers expect their candidates to ask questions during the interview. It ensures that they are interested in the job. Here’s a list of ‘worst interview question to ask’ written from a candidate’s point of view:

11 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask your Employer

1.What Does This Job Require One To Do?

This is one of the worst questions to be asked in any interview. This question conveys that you are least bothered to read the job description before you come for the interview.

2.What Does The Company Do?

This is another question you shouldn’t ask during the interview. Before interview you should do a pre-interview research to know what a company does.

3.What Are Other Jobs Available Here Currently?

It gives an impression to the recruiter that you are not at all interested for the role you applied for. No organization is ready to hire a candidate who is not interested for the applied job role.

4.Do Employees Get Discounts?

This question makes a sense that you are more interested as a customer rather than an employee.

5.Are You Strict About The Dress Code / Timings Followed In The Organization?

Questions about late coming, dress code, timings, holiday’s workload are perceived in a wrong note.

6.I Prefer Working From Home. How Many Days Will I Be Required To Come To The Office In A Week?

It may convey an impression that you are not ready to work under direct supervision.

7.How Soon Can I Expect To Get A Raise?

Salary talks are preferred once you get the job offer letter only. Questions about salary hike completely go out of the window.

8.How Many Paid Leaves Will I Be Entitled To And How Soon Can I Take Them After Joining The Company?

Job interview is not the right time discussed about paid leaves and vacations. It conveys that you have many other priorities rather than job role.

9.Will I Be Required To Undergo A Drug Test?

These questions send out a message that you are a drug user and your dependability and health.

10.When Will You Be Calling My References?

This question conveys that there’s some suspicious about you references or you’re hiding something.

11.How Did I Do During The Interview?

Asking a feedback is different from asking this question. It may convey that you are not confident.

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