10 Steps That Could Secure a Good Salary Hike for You

Posted on 23rd Feb 2017 | 1209 views

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While most the companies and departments have their individual measures to calculate the individuals performance of its employees, there are certain principles which remain unchanged. The following list of 10 gears you can perform to not only become a prolific and important employee but also acquire a good hike this season.

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Here are the 10 steps that could secure a good salary hike for you as given below:

  1. File all your accomplishments: Having an proof of your work would help you in making your boss avoid recency bias. Keeping recency bias makes no choices to your boss to disprove your hard work.
  2. Self-estimation: this can help you to analyze your ranking in the company and how much hike you can estimate by your own.
  3. Bonding with boss: if you are have less bonding with your boss, ally our hard work and accomplishments can crash down, if your boss is the judgment maker in your pay raise.
  4. Good Team player: Moving along with your colleagues and helping or directing them always appears as a key attribute which can show the importance between good and average hikes.
  5. Prospecting targets: let your boss know about your future goals in the upcoming year. This can indicate your faithfulness and dedication to the company and bounds to attract a fair consideration and higher increment..
  6. Work above Necessity: Doesn't stick to your ethics rather be litheness at work. it acts as a key to draw concentration to your work. If you are multi undertaking and reliable, rests assured you would be valued and are sure to get good hikes.
  7. Make your boss access your work frequently: knowing your track and where you are drawing back would help you grow competently. This also makes your boss aware of the quality of work you are doing, and reminds your boss about your increment during appraisal time.
  8. Refresh your skills:If you frequently upgrade and keep up with most recent development, you will have an upper hand over others and the company would be fanatical to preserve you.
  9. Be a Solution finder:Coming up with new solutions and imagination which is out of box will make you a commendable employee. Problem solving employees are always are in the good books of boss and are treated complimentary in salary hikes.
  10. Be a Assured Employee: Be punctual and committed to you work. It shows your discipline and reflects your sincerity.

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