10 Most Common Interview Questions and answers for Freshers

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Most Common Interview Questions and answers for Freshers

Here we’ve added a list of common interview questions and answers for freshers. If you prepare for these questions, it is easier to prepare your answers.

Most Common Interview Questions and answers for Freshers

Q1. Can you tell me something about yourself?

Tip: This is one of the common interview questions asked. Prepare a brief note on how to answer about your education, family, interests, and hobbies.

Q2. What motivated you to choose this field of work?

Tip: This is a precarious question since you haven't had the opportunity to get a firsthand ordeal of working anyplace. They can enable you to set up an answer based on their own involvement and information of working in the field.

Q3. Where do you see yourself in the following 5 years?

Tip: This is another question to know how profoundly a fresher has considered his/her profession. The most ideal approach to answer this question is to express your craving to learn as much as you can.&

Q4. Tell me about a challenging situation and explain how you handled it?

Tip: If the interviewer has gotten some information about your qualities then this question is requested to pass judgment on how great you are really. This question may deal with challenging real-life experience from college and explain how you faced it.

Q5. Why should we hire you?

You can prepare a simple answer based on simple qualities such as you being a quick learner, flexible, team player, etc.

Q6. What’s your biggest weakness?

Most job searchers wrongly pick a theoretical shortcoming and convert it into a quality with their answer, which isn't the correct methodology. To answer this interview question, it is important to know and pick a genuine shortcoming of your and discussion about sincerely.

Q7. What's your greatest strength?

If the interviewer still asked 'What are your qualities?' don't just express your qualities; demonstrate that you to be sure have them. To answer this interview question appropriately, you can share some genuine situations while noting the interviewer.

Q8. How did you hear about the position?

This interview question enables the employing directors to pass judgment on your reality and ability to work in a specific job. They would prefer not to hear how extraordinary the organization is work for; they need to know whether you have the understanding that you fit the job superbly or not.

Q9. What other companies are you considering for your next job?

This interview question enables the employing administrators to comprehend whether you are not kidding with respect to the business and work profile or not. This is particularly important when they are enlisting fresher since youngsters are regularly not certain about what vocation way they ought to settle on toward the start of their expert life. The most ideal approach to answer this interview question is to state that you are taking a gander at comparable jobs in the business.

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